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We are more than just
an investment platform.

Kindred Group’s 32red FM Investment Clubs is a financial investment club that covers a variety of industries. Headquartered in Gibraltar, with offices in London, Sweden, India, South Africa, Turkey, Japan, and other locations. Consumer, technology, and emerging investment methods are the primary focus of 32red FM Investment Clubs in the digital economy. For all stakeholders, our active portfolio management ensures value development and realization.

Our Achievements

0 Million
Registered Partners
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Invested in UK
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Invested Worldwide

32Red FM Investments Club has been approved by:

Financial Supervisory Authhority, UK

And we have established branches on various continents. We sincerely invite all investors to join the club and become platform partners. The dream will set sail immediately.



As a money management club, we must develop more effective ways of managing money that will benefit individuals and society as a whole in the long run. We want to dispel any impediments or misunderstandings that may be preventing people from confidently managing and investing their money. We help our clients invest more by providing them with knowledge and financial planning to help them make informed decisions. By making it simple and uncomplicated for individuals to handle their money and investments, we hope to simplify their financial lives and enable meaningful progress.

With so many great accomplishments behind us, our long-term goal is to establish a club on every continent, get certified and authorized by the local government's financial regulator, and establish a lawful Internet sports event investment firm. We are currently actively pushing the latest financial management strategies such as reverse score and membership plan, as well as actively acquiring clients, in order to attain this goal. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Customers are more likely to join the club and gain wealth as a result of the reduced threshold. We'll keep raising the bar by investing in innovative technologies, exciting goods, and, most importantly, our partners.

Our Advantage

Our reverse score and affiliate program are specifically created for partners that wish to profit from the website and attain financial independence. We will develop the most fair and effective financial strategy based on the partner's current circumstances. The partner has an endless opportunity to make big commissions, as well as additional support from a dedicated financial analyst, and joining is quick, simple, and free. Profits are just the start. We anticipate more than simply financial gains when we invest.

Our Analysts

Our Analysts help to create visual strategies.

We create profit-making strategies, remarkable profits and never-fail approach.

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32Red FM Investment Clubs is the financial management and investment club of the Kindred Group.

Established in 2010, the club has 30 million registered partners worldwide across a wide range of industries.

Headquartered in Gibraltar, with offices in London, Sweden, India, South Africa, Turkey, and Japan, our regional presence provides an excellent network of opportunities for our diversified portfolio.

Using a multi-pronged engagement strategy with an emphasis on business partnerships that leverage local knowledge and international experience, 32Red FM Investment club has been licensed and regulated by the FSA.

With over $1 billion invested in the UK and over $8 billion invested globally, 32Red FM Investment Club focuses on consumer, technology and emerging investment approaches in the digital economy. Our industry knowledge and broad regional reach allows us to enter international markets with a high degree of insight, and our active portfolio management ensures that value is created and realized for all stakeholders.

All platform activities, including registration and operation, are entirely legal. The platform is also registered and licensed for use. So there is nothing to be concerned.

Members can effortlessly withdraw their money whenever they wish to. As long as the bank details they filled while signing up are correct, funds will be sent to the their bank account within 24 hours of the withdrawal request. And there will be dedicated customer service to help members solve problems if they encounter any problems with investment and withdrawal.